Hardware & physical products


  • About us: Hardware micro-mobility solution. BRUNTOR is a Latvian hardware start-up developing a micro-mobility solution – Electric cargo scooter
  • What we want to achieve: For team development, product development and marketing.
  • Round: 500 000 eur
  • About us: DeepTech technology
    Keratin extraction method for obtaining it from sheep wool and bird feathers
  • What we want to achieve: Build a pilot production line and validate technologies, improve the product, attract potential customers.
  • Round: 2 000 000 eur
Good bugs
Good bugs
  • About us: Physical BioTech solution. Biotechnology for breeding and reproduction of parasitoid wasps, the natural enemies of ticks. Ticks carry pathogens: Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis, etc. for bad luck. Our solution will reduce the number of ticks in the environment.
  • What we want to achieve: Development of technology
  • Round: 30 000 eur
  • About us: Physical HealthTech solution
  • Sunscreens that are friendly to the human body and the environment provide not only UV protection but also anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, etc. properties. In the basic composition of our developed product, a composite material of clay minerals and polyphenols would be used as a UV filter.
  • What we want to achieve: As the product is finalized, we need investment to produce the pilot batch.
  • Round: 50 000 eur
Wireless Musician
Wireless Musician
  • About us: Physical AudioTech solution
  • Wireless duplex communication system for amateur musicians that is easy to transport, installable, and with minimum delay time.
  • What we want to achieve: For the development of a production prototype
  • Round: 100 000 eur
  • About us: Physical FoodTech solution
  • A milk alternative derived from potatoes. We offer an opportunity to make it valuable – from one medium-sized potato, you can get 1 liter of potato milk.
  • What we want to achieve: For prototype development, first batch production and initial marketing
  • Round: 50 000 eur
  • About us: Physical IoT solution
    IoT solution that will automatically save electricity for customers of the dynamic exchange by at least 20% when using devices that consume a lot of electricity.
  • What we want to achieve:
  • For product development, company development, customer onboarding, IT infrastructure creation.
  • Round: 100 000 eur
Smart Indicators
  • About us: Physical DeepTech solution
    Smart sensor technology that allows the monitoring of biomarkers resulting from food spoilage.
  • What we want to achieve: Implementing indicators into sustainable packaging
  • Round: 60 000 eur
  • About us: Physical WellnessTech solution
    Sustainable and vaginal-friendly lubricant with properties that promote the retention of moisture levels and the maintenance of vaginal walls.
  • What we want to achieve: For further product and brand development
  • Round: 50 000 + eur

Platforms & B2B products

  • About us: Digital E-commerce solution.
    A platform through which it would be possible to order and produce interior and exterior paints under private labels, integrating paint production companies or producing paint and e-merchants themselves (but not only). The platform would be scalable, so there would be no geographical limits to its use.
  • What we want to achieve: To ensure the production and sales process launch and to develop the MVP.
  • Round: 50 000 eur
  • About us: Digital SportTech solution.
    Platform with a unified calendar of sporting events (competitions), with easy access to calendars of various sporting events that can be easily searched, filtered, and saved on your profile. The platform offers – Registration for competitions, to view results, participation history/statistics, and follow sports/organizations/competition series.
  • What we want to achieve: Complementing the development team (UI/UX, programming), product marketing.
  • Round: 100 000 eur
Trīs Arhitektūra
  • About us: Digital platform with physical PropTech solution
    A platform that offers a house as a finished product with a perfectly crafted design from both outside and inside.
  • What we want to achieve: To increase production capacity and enter new market.
  • Round: 1 680 000 eur
  • About us: We are developing a lawyers’ record-keeping system with fully integrated AML & KYC and Sanctions list monitoring solutions.
  • What we want to achieve: We are in the process of V2 development to compete with global competitors and expand sales to Europe (starting with Austria).
  • Round: 250 000 – 650 000 eur

Applications and B2C products

Break the Loop
  • About us: Digital HealthTech solution
    Technology that monitors the human thinking process, using objective physiological indicators and environmental factors, in order to situationally provide personalized, context-appropriate, and therefore effective recommendations for improving emotional well-being and stress tolerance, as well as reducing the risks of burnout.
  • What we want to achieve: We are raising a pre-seed round of 190K EUR to launch the BETA and acquire at least 10K regular users by the end of 2024.
  • Round: 200 000 eur
  • About us: Digital HealthTech solution
    Movement-promoting augmented reality mobile game application prototype, which was created focusing on the needs of the oncology adolescent patients of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. It was created for the needs of adolescent oncology patients at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. Still, demand for such a project has also been observed in hospitals in other parts of the world. The augmented reality market has grown by 31.5% (CAGR) this year, and according to experts, it will reach the 90 billion mark in 2028.
  • What we want to achieve: Product development, two people moving from part-time to full-time work, covering the company’s operations and basic costs for a year.
  • Round: 200 000 eur