Physical products

Apps & IoT

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 Glee Glee is a platform for creating digital loyalty apps without the need for coding, enabling you to effectively maintain your loyal customer base. First children’s music streaming platform, with an innovative music segmentation – smart song assistant for new parents
SaveFood App that will reduce the food waste in restaurants businesses so the customer will buy the food using our app and will save the food from throwing away, and in the result getting the great dinner with discount!
Dowy An automatic pet feeder, which also makes an individual feeding schedule, based on your pet’s data. It also analyzes pets` health by such parameters as mealtime, the amount of food eaten and others, thus making pets` life more healthy and prolonged.
herble 3D printed plant pots with an automatic watering function. The pot comes with an accompanying app, which controls the watering, gives plant care tips and sends water refill notifications.
SpeedTimeX An innovative racing time measurement solution that combines easy-to-install devices and intuitive software that provides accurate data capture, storage and analysis.
NutriMed Connect. We are creating a digital health management app for people affected with migraine. With efficient diary filling, customizable dosage management, and a supportive community hub, we empower users to take control of their health and well-being.
Core Control We are digital un physical solution that helps people learn and become more aware of themselves and their bodies. Core Control consisting from a smart belt with sensores controlled with mobile app.
Eco Smart Eco smart provides solution water heating that saves on electricity bills. Solution is based on heating of water at optimal dynamic electricity prices. Solution uses smart IoT device and mobile app for setting up the solution and is applicable to already functioning electricity storage water heaters.

Platforms & B2B software

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NexALL CRM NexALL CRM is an all-in-one Lawyers CRM & Case management system with fully integrated AML/KYC due diligence & Sanction list monitoring modules.
Novatore Novatore is an organisation dedicated to women’s economic empowerment and leadership. Our solution, Novatore Club, is an AI-driven platform that serves as a personal and career development hub, connecting women across borders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and organisations, thereby creating a global network of women executives who can trust and rely on each other.
EdSyl We simplify course design and lesson planning, allowing you to forget about paperwork with our precise, step-by-step assistance and automated preparations. From crafting the syllabus to delivering the final lesson, we ensure your content remains creative, effective, and engaging for your students.
The Idea Unboxing The Idea Unboxing is Digital PLATFORM – MARKETPLACE for your Idea creation, development and validation, where busy professionals and solopreneurs can combine creative thinking tools, visualization, and AI co-piloting for generating and validating business ideas with a guided micro step and AI colilot.
GEN AI Mastery Hub Your go-to source for mastering generative AI tools and resources.
Future Lawyers Our Know Your Customer (KYC) tool for regulated professionals is a SaaS platform that provides effortless compliance experience by making this burdensome process swift, low-cost and reliable.
SustainAI AI-powered ESG reporting tool.